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 Why choose A-Welders Medical Supply?

Whether you need welding supplies for your next project or medical supplies to provide quality care for your patients,you'll find just what you need at A-Welders & Medical Supply.

A-Welders and Medical Supply, Inc. strives to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services at the most competitive pricing while consistently maintaining the highest level of excellent customer service. We are committed to being a positive contributor to our employees, our customers and our community.


We carry everything from medical gas and oxygen to torches, safety equipment and more...

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To create clean, perfect weld beads with a wire-feed welder, try this tip from Club member Ken Berkey of West Newton, Pennsylvania. Clamp a small section of copper stock at each end of the intended joint. When you’re ready to start welding, begin the weld bead on the copper, working your way toward the actual metal workpieces.

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Your source for affordable welding equipment sales and repair:

  • Industrial gases
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  • Welding machines
  • Safety equipment
  • Tools and accessories


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